The Great Pumpkin Massacre VIII


Howdy Cowboy and Cowgirls!

Well there’s a chill in the breeze and smell of wood smoke is once again heaving in the night air, foreboding the coming of the Great Pumpkin Massacre on October 21st.

Cost is $15 per person.

The primitive range and club house are booked for this event. All other ranges are open to the general membership but we ask that those using the 100m range be courteous and hold their fire while stage instructions and safety directives are being given.

For our 8th installment the South Mountain Regulators will be hosting five stages of cowboy action main match.

Ammunition requirements are:
50+ rounds of pistol
50+ rounds of rifle
50+ rounds of shotgun

Lunch will be provided, chili for most ham sandwiches for some.

We hope to see you there!

Whip Callahan
SASS # 102371