The Great Pumpkin Massacre VII

Howdy Cowboy and Cowgirls!

Well there’s a chill in the breeze and smell of wood smoke is once again heavy in the night air, foreboding the coming of the Great Pumpkin Massacre Cowboy Action Invitational.



When: October 22, 2016. Registration Opens 0900. Safety Briefing at 0930 immediately followed by the first stage.

Cost: $15 per shooter.

The 50 m Primitive Range and the Clubhouse will be unavailable from 0800 to 1700. The #2 Skeet Field is also unavailable from 1300 to 1700.

The 100 m range will remain open to all members but we ask that those using it please be courteous and hold their fire while safety directives and stage instructions are being read.

For our 7th installment the South Mountain Regulators will be hosting five stages of cowboy action main match plus a quick round of Cowboy Clays on the skeet field to round out the day while the scores are tallied.

Ammunition requirements are:
50+ rounds of pistol
50+ rounds of rifle
50+ rounds of shotgun (25 main match, 25 for the clays)

Gamers beware! The shotgun you use for Cowboy Clays must be used in at least one stage of the main match.

If you intend to attend please contact Sean Wheeler at

We hope to see you there!

Sean Wheeler aka Whip Callahan
CAS Section Chair
SASS # 102371