Cowboy Action New Shooters Clinic

The Cowboy Action Section will be hosting a New Shooters Clinic for AVSSC members on Sunday May 8th, 2016. The clubhouse is booked from 8:00AM to 12:00PM. The 50m range will be booked and in use from 8:00AM till 12:00PM.

On behalf of Sean Wheeler:

The South Mountain Regulators would like to invite AVSSC members to Clinic for those wanting to shoot Cowboy Action and will cover all aspects of this discipline. The clinic will consist of a theory section, introductory range. There is no cost for the clinic.

Attendance at the clinics are mandatory for new shooters who have never engaged in CAS. Approximately an hour to two hours in length. Firearms not necessary for the clinic.

If you intend to shoot later you will need CAS approved Firearms and ammo OR partner up with a shooter and try and convince him/her to share. Bring some cash for ammo and you will likely find someone to assist you.

Texas 3-Gun Match

AVSSC / SASS ,  Rules and Regs in place.

Immediately following the clinic the SMR will hold a three stage CAS event for new and veteran CAS shooters.

New shooters who have their own Rig please note ammo requirements:

  • Revolver    100 Rounds
  • Rifle          100 Rounds
  • SG            Bx (25 shells)

No cost but bring a lunch (cash for ammo if you intend to use someone else’s rounds).

Club house facilities are available but will be shared by other club disciplines after 1200.

Hosted by the South Mountain Regulators

AVSSC CAS Section.

Please contact Sean Wheeler using the Contact Us page for more information.