The Great Pumpkin Massacre 6

The Great Pumpkin Massacre 6


The Young Guns of the South Mountain Regulators are holding a dust up. Now that Charlie is away they are cutting loose!

You are invited to the Sixth Great Pumpkin Massacre at the

Annapolis Valley Shooting Sports Club, 377 White Rock Road, Canaan, Kings Count NS B4N 4K1, Canada

October 24, 2015 Registration 9:00am

Safety Meeting 930am.First round right after

Six Main Match Stages and a special treat (time permitting)

Cost $10.00 there is pop, water, coffee and this year Whip is providing a pot of beans for lunch. Can’t attest to if they are eatable or not!

Ammo; At least 100 Revolver, 100 Rifle plus a box of SG

The SASS and NSCAS Rules we can remember will be in effect.

For contact information please see the attached PDF.

Click here to download PDF.