3D archery shoot involves challenging courses, realistic targets

The team of Wilfred Titus, David Sanford, Kempton Stevens and Wayne Mead start at the first station as the Annapolis Valley Shooting Sports Club’s 3D archery shoot gets underway.

Published on August 22, 2015

CANAAN – If you were to stumble across one of the targets in the woods, chances are you’d first think you were seeing a living, breathing animal.

The Annapolis Valley Shooting Sports Club in Canaan is hosting a 3D archery shoot Aug. 22 and 23. There are 40 three-dimensional archery targets set up over approximately 60 acres of woods, split into two courses.The manufactured, realistic targets depict various animals, including deer, elk, caribou, lions, alligators and more. There are two moving targets, a turkey and a boar.Club archery chairman Wayne Sullivan, a North Alton resident with 38 years archery experience, said the courses would present “a challenging shoot” but it would also be a lot of fun. It’s quite social compared to other types of archery competitions, as participants are broken up into groups of four or five.

“It’s made to simulate hunting conditions,” Sullivan said. “Not all the guys hunt but I guess in some respects it’s sort of a replacement for it for some of them.”

Sullivan said he spent most of the week leading into the event setting up. He said it would take most participants between two and two-and-a-half hours to complete the course. Each group starts at a different station.

Sullivan said a lot of participants would camp for the weekend and shoot both days while others would come for a day.

He said the club currently has about two-dozen archers, with about 10 of them taking part in the event. The remaining participants came from across the province. Some make it a family outing.

Sullivan said archery is “a lifetime sport.” As long as you can get around you can keep shooting. He said it’s relatively inexpensive as far as sports go and it’s something you can pursue by yourself or with others.

“I’ve met a lot of good friends over the years, I’ve travelled all over the province and been around Canada different places shooting,” Sullivan said. “It’s a good social time and a challenge besides.”

Sullivan said the club usually holds two 3D shoots each year, although this was the only one in 2015. The Annapolis Valley Shooting Sports Club hosted a national 3D archery event in 2010 in conjunction with the Glooscap and Greenwood clubs. This involved 80 targets.

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About the 3D archery shoot

–       Shooters are placed in different categories based on age and the type of equipment being used.

–       There are stakes placed at different distances from the targets to shoot from, depending on the shooter’s category.

–       Shooters get five points for a hit, eight for hitting the ‘kill zone’, and there are 10 and 11-point rings or bulls eyes.

–       Most participants shoot one arrow at each stationary target, although Sullivan said shooters using traditional equipment and younger participants get to shoot two.

–       Sullivan said you have to estimate your range, which is an important skill. He said this is “the hard part of the game.”

SOURCE: http://www.kingscountynews.ca/Sports/2015-08-22/article-4254720/3D-archery-shoot-involves-challenging-courses%2C-realistic-targets/1


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