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2016 Annual Membership Fee Increase

Effective January 1st 2016 annual member fees are increasing by $10.00 as per outcome of the vote during the October monthly club meeting. Family - $150.00 Regular - $125.00 Junior - $45.00 This small increase is necessary so that the club can continue to further improve our great facility while also managing ... More

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all our members and their families.   More

Thank you card from the ‘Annapolis Young Outdoors Women’

The AVSSC received a thank you card from the 'Annapolis Young Outdoors Women'. These young women attended the Ladies Day event on November 7th 2015 and had the opportunity to try shooting sports that our club is all about. The card below will be put on display at the club house. Gestures like this really remind us why ... More

Beginner Reloading Course for center fire rifle cartridges

We will be offering a beginner eloading Course for center fire rifle cartridges to members on November 28th 2015 When:  Sat Nov 28th 9am-noon Where:  AVSSC club house What to bring:  yourself and eye protection Cost:  $5/person to cover expenses, max 10 ppl/course. Additional courses will be offered at a ... More

Indoor Range Ceiling Renovation starts October 28th 2015

The indoor range will be closed effective Wednesday afternoon, October 28th 2015, until construction is complete - we will advise by email when the work is done. The Indoor Range Ceiling renovation work will begin with the construction materials delivered Wednesday afternoon, and the actual tear down and rebuild ... More

100m Range Repairs. Volunteers needed.

To all members. The 100m range is in need of some repair after all the flood rains. Some important drainage pipes have been buried in mud that needs to be removed to ensure proper drainage over the rainy late fall weeks and spring thaw. A work party is requested for Saturday Oct 17th 2015, starting at 9am. Bring a ... More

Provisions of the Common Sense Firearms Act

Two additional provisions of the Common Sense Firearms Licensing Act that came into force on September 2, 2015 Elimination of POLs and conversion of all valid POLs to PALs ATTs become a condition of a licence for certain routine and lawful activitie To review the questions and answers regarding these provisions ... More

Pack It In. Pack It Out.

  A new sign has been placed at the entrance of the club house to remind members to remove all garage and waste from the AVSSC when leaving. More

Ladies Only Night

The Annapolis Valley Shooting Sports Club is please to once again be hosting a "Ladies Only" event on Saturday, November 7 from 1:00pm - 4:00pm. This is open to all women, whether you are a member of the AVSSC or not. Open to all ages and experience. Only firearms and their ammunition provided by the AVSSC will be ... More

AVSSC is now on Twitter! Follow us!

The AVSSC is now on Twitter! Follow us and keep up to date on news and events! More